24 hours of terrible games - Live - All to raise money for UNICEF

That's right, the Lame Game Marathon is back baby!
Prepare for the return of lame games, shenanigans, prizes and... lame games.
Tune in this November for another 24 hours of the best of the worlds worst videogames.

Interested in sponsoring or supporting the LGM? Contact us at info@lamegamemarathon.com

What on earth are we doing?

This is the Lame Game Marathon, the annual live videogame marathon where we play some of gamings most notorious titles for 24 hours straight, all to raise money for UNICEF Australia.

Tune in this November to donate, laugh at our suffering and perhaps even win some prizes along the way.



Raising money for UNICEF

All proceeds raised by the Lame Game Marathon will go to UNICEF Australia, so that they can help children in need all over the world.

Playing bad games for 24 hours may be unpleasant for us, but it's worth it.



Lame Games!

The games we play can range from old to new, AAA titles or flash games. Whether a game is a buggy mess, downright bizarre or just entertaining to watch, we will be taking it into consideration.

While the Lame Game list is still being prepared, rest assured that LGM fans will be seeing a lot of fresh new stinkers, as well as the return of some old favourites too.



More to come...

Be sure to check back here as we add more information on the marathon and what games we will be playing this year, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates as well for regular updates and goat jokes.